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Upstart Crow

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Friday, 7 February 2020

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Monday, 30 March 2020

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Upstart Crow

Upstart Crow – It's Shakespeare, but not as you know him

Take one David Mitchell, one of the funniest men of our times. Add loads of Ben Elton, a wickedly hilarious and fiercely intelligent comic and author, playwright and stand-up star, a rebel in his own lifetime. Add a sprinkling of Shakespearian magic then top it all off with a massive dose of classic British silliness. What do you get? It's Upstart Crow the play, and it's on at the Geilgud theatre from February 2020. Get your laughing gear in order, prepare to bend double with the giggles, and make way for the time of your life. This brand new play takes TV's Upstart Crow to the next level, on stage in London for your delectation. Don't miss it.

What's the plot? It's 1605 and Shakespeare has only penned two plays, All’s Well That Ends Well and Measure for Measure. He's struggling to come up with a plot for the next play, and his chaotic domestic life really isn't helping. He is, as ever, distracted by family problems and unimportant nonsense when all he wants to do is write. There's lots of lovely confusion thanks to a pair of identical twins. An escaped dancing bear called Mrs Whiskers isn't helping. The result is a brilliantly witty, crazy historical romp that'll have you in tears of laughter at the creativity of the language alone. Fantastic!